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                                               March issue 2017                                                           COVER PAGE

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Comments from Readers

*   Thank you Peter and Pattimari for all your hard work

*   Peter's columns are so interesting, thank you Peter

*   Suzanne is so relaxing for me, thank you Suzanne. Question: Did you go to classes for all your good information?

*   Does Suzanne have a medical degree; if not, she sure knows how to make people work toward getting past their own problems.

*  Motherhood is short, but good info

*  Charles I just bought your book

*   Johnny you are always fun to read

*   Johnny makes me think with his politics

*   Peter's column is fun to read and informative

*   J. House helps with my own relationship; I've tried some of your stuff, and it works

*   What happen to Joyce's column, miss her

*  Joyce, how do you know when to make a  Hyphen between two words?

* Peter, where do you get all your creativity

* Like Pattimair's column, thanks pattimari for your hard work

Congratulations Pattimari and Peter on your new book 'Can you hear me? Who is she?'

Thanks Vinita - 'a confident and happy spirit' was just what I needed to read to lighten my energy.

Glad to see you're back this year Joyce, hope you are feeling stronger and healthier with each day. I appreciate your writing and grammar tips.

Peter, I enjoyed your December article on Angkor Wat. A number of years ago I was fortunate to be able to visit many Wats just outside Siem Riep in Cambodia. My husband and I hired a car and driver rather than a bus tour, and started with lesser known Wats further out and completed the long fabulous day of exploring with Angkor Wat. Impressive, and as you said "the wonders are endless".

Suzanne Newnham


New Members

     T                                                         Joanne Christophers, Australia                                                                                     Iris Dorbian, NJ


Thank you for all your hard work with the magazine
I am enjoying everybody's column