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Vinita's Corner

Why We Need A Balance With Ourselves And In Our Lives




Every day, we wake up, and do our daily routine.  Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed; our body gets tired, and we need to rest, and meditate.  We need to balance our mind with our body, and soul.  We don’t want to do the same thing too much. We shouldn’t exercise too much, or eat too much, or even sleep too much; that affects our mind.  Too much exercise will make us tired.  Too much eating will make us gain weight, or even fatigue.  Too much sleeping will be like being in depression. Thinking too much of something is also not good; it makes us stuck.  Time passes, so we need to keep moving our body, and working with it.  If we overwork ourselves; it is not good either.  We need a balance.  To have a balance in our life and in our body, mind, and soul, we need to first have a schedule; a balanced schedule.  The schedule should include a structure.   You want to exercise three days not all seven days.  You want to drink a lot of water throughout your day.  Eat healthy, even four to five meals in a small amount.  You want to meditate.  Also include walking half an hour twice a day.  When you have that schedule, you want to have time to prepare your meals, to have your house clean, and  take time with your children; to balance everything you want to add in your movie time;  your family time,  your writing time, and your dancing time. It could be sitting in silent time.  After having a structure  that gives you time for yourself, you have time to meditate, get in the moment. You want to be in the present. You want to have a balanced life. 


Dr. White's Religious Thoughts

The Promised Savior
Isaiah 9: 6-7

For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulders: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of   Peace.

The prophet Isaiah was foretelling of a time in the future encouraging the people of his day not to get discouraged because the promised Savior was coming just as promised by God. This scripture coincide with Isaiah 7:14 as the prophet provides details of Jesus' birth and the unique way in which He would be born.

Isaiah's descriptive name of Christ characterizes the functions of the Messiah. The name "Wonderful" symbolizes the miraculous works or supernatural wonders He would perform, such as miracles He would perform. The name "Counseller" represents the incarnation of perfect wisdom as He provided the perfect plan of salvation. The name "Mighty God" embodies the full deity of God as He was God in the flesh. The name 'The Everlasting Father" means that Christ would reveal His heavenly Father and He Himself would have compassion on all mankind as a compassionate father that loves all His children. Lastly, the name "Prince of Peace" means that Christ would bring the peace of God to all humanity through mankind's deliverance from sin. Christ is the man of peace.

A Savior was promised, a promise kept God--Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah. Accept Him!

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Suzanne's Corner

Computer says no!


Hello and welcome. Part of my world turned upside down last Wednesday, my energy is teetering, my column is due and I was going to put a note on Suzanne’s Corner to say “see you next month” but then words started flowing, cut and paste helped put the sentences into some type of logical order. Each month I wonder what to write about and then heaps of ideas spring forth, things happen – some good, others well let’s say they’re challenging, and before I know it I need to decide not what to write but how not to cram everything into the one column! What do I choose and how do I write so that it is not all about me and my life-story?

There’s many things in this world that zap your energy, rile you and gradually turn you into the type of biting stressed person that makes you a stranger to yourself. You’re ready to jump and shout because of the incompetence of others, including automated ‘computer says no’ scenarios, that are causing stress and complications in your life.

 Being organised when an unacceptable situation presents itself is the key. ‘Being organised’ means you can access your own notes easily and those notes are able to keep you on track in a conversation, or if you need to correspond in writing. Date and time everything; reference or receipt numbers for conversations; ask to speak with supervisors, someone with authority not just a script which has a number of ways to say the same thing – that script’s the annoying brick-wall that raises your blood pressure and zaps your energy. You might like to enlist help to keep you on track, to bounce ideas and formulate questions and comments in advance for the next onslaught of calls and meetings. If it all gets too much then walk into the kitchen and get a glass of water, or a cup of tea, perhaps go outside breathe and smile at the trees or admire the flowers, just something to break the tension.

 It’s 6.40 Monday morning and after writing since 5.50am I’ve now calmed down to work out strategies for the next lot of phone calls, or perhaps I’ll go back to sleep for another hour or so first!

So, until next month take care and choose what you want to do with your energies. I look forward to hearing from you about this and anything else you’d like to share with me, to share with all of you.



Suzanne Newnham


Suzanne, I love this column. Super.


Charles Ray's Corner

Is Amazon the author’s friend or foe?

By Charles Ray

Over the past few years I’ve followed the ebb and flow of stories about Amazon with no small amount of interest. Jeff Bezo’s behemoth and its dominance of the book market can’t help but be a topic of concern for anyone who writes for publication, particularly indie authors.

There are two main sides in this argument; those who swear by Amazon and the opportunities it offers for indie authors, and those who are convinced that Amazon’s dominance of the book market is a catastrophe.

I like to think I occupy a third position in this argument. As an indie author, before I decided to put most of my eggs (books) into the Amazon basket, I’d tried the other avenues. I won’t name the other platforms or companies because I don’t want to inadvertently besmirch any reputations, but I will say this, the book sales and exposure I got from that experience was not satisfactory. Until I started focusing mainly on Amazon as a platform for both paper and electronic books, I think I’d sold a total of about 100 of my several titles in total. After switching my efforts to Amazon, with its worldwide exposure and tools to aid indie authors (such as Kindle Direct and CreateSpace), I began to see a modest upswing in sales of both kinds of books. Amazon’s marketing tools have helped me get greater exposure, such as overseas markets, and attract more potential readers (Kindle’s free promotions and Kindle Unlimited with its rent option), all key to eventual sales.

Working mainly with one platform—while Kindle Direct and CreateSpace are separate, since they’re part of Amazon, I view them as parts of one whole—I can focus my efforts more efficiently, and I can also keep better track of the results of those efforts. They allow me to test marketing themes, see which titles or series are selling best, decide if paperback or e-Books are doing better, and even track which times of year see better sales overall. More importantly, I’ve seen a steady uptick in sales over the past five years, far better, in fact, than the previous five years. Now, I have to be honest here and point out that a lot of the upswing has been due to one book, Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal, which was published in 2014, and has been one of my consistent top-sellers with the most five-star reviews since. I’m convinced, though, that it was my ability to promote the book world-wide, and offer the Kindle version free shortly after publication, that enabled me to create buzz and attract readers, readers who continue to spread the word about the book and attract new readers. For example, in February 2017, three years after publication, Frontier Justice sold 6 paperback copies and 5 Kindle copies, just in the first two weeks of the month. When conventional wisdom has it that an independently published book will be lucky to sell 80 copies, the over 500 Kindle copies and 200 paperback copies of this book that have been purchased have already knocked conventional wisdom on its keister.

Now, this is not a pitch for Amazon. Every author has to make his or her own decisions about the direction to take in writing and marketing. It is a plea for you not to jump to conclusions, or plunge precipitously into one way of doing things, based on one side of an argument. Amazon is not for everyone, but for some of us indie authors it has been key lifting us out of obscurity. It has given us more control over our creations, and a voice that was previously unavailable. Is it too big? Does it have too much influence and control over book buying? I don’t know. Only time will tell. For now, though, most of my literary eggs are in the Amazon basket, and there they’ll stay until something convinces me I’d be better off doing something else.

Next month
Next month



by John B. Rosenman


The Fine Line Between Success and Failure


For a long time, I’ve been aware that sometimes there is a very thin line between success and failure, glory and humiliation. A person or team can come so close to achieving their dream and just fall short. Perhaps there’s a missed or made shot at the buzzer or a runner who does his best but is beaten by a 100th of a second. And let’s not forget a tiny mistake or an accident over which a competitor has no control. For example, a slip or stumble five feet from the finish line or an injury such as an ACL when victory is almost within one’s grasp.

Lately I was reminded of this Fine Line when I watched the Super Bowl. Boy, didn’t it cut both ways? The Falcons were cruising and perhaps thinking of their champagne celebration. Until the third quarter they had dominated the game and were 25 points ahead. Then the tide turned and swept the Patriots to victory in the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Yet it could so easily have gone the other way. To pick one example, what if Julian Edelman’s fantastic, juggled catch had dipped an inch or two lower and the football had touched a blade of grass? The answer is simple. It would be an incomplete pass, charged against the Patriots, and they quite possibly would have lost the game as a result.


Do you remember this proverb: “For want of a nail…”? Yes, indeed. A kingdom can be lost if a nail’s not in place.


Fortunately, for Patriots fans, their team won and Tom Brady won his fifth ring. Because he did, critical acclaim has anointed him as the Greatest Quarterback of All Time. I don’t mean to disparage his achievements. Tom Terrific may very well be the greatest quarterback in history. He is also, though, a Child of Fortune who has caught a few lucky breaks. As a matter of fact, the often fickle football gods favored him in Super Bowl XLIX just two years previously. Do you remember it? The game was in its final moments and Seattle threatened to score the winning touchdown, driving the ball to New England’s 1-yard line. With only 26 seconds remaining, Seattle decided to pass rather than run the ball. Bad idea! That decision resulted in Patriots undrafted rookie Malcom Butler making a game-saving interception of Russell Wilson’s throw. The rest is history.


I don’t mean to imply that the fine line involves only sports, for it affects perhaps every aspect of life. What about the corporate bid for a contract or takeover which falls short by a few thousand dollars? Or a close political election which could have gone either way? In fact, this is exactly what happened in the 2000 “Endless Election” between George W. Bush and Al Gore. The closest presidential contest in American history came down to Florida and a “thirty-six day political combat at the highest level.” In the end, the Supreme Court narrowly voted 5 to 4 and stepped in, halting another recount and declaring Bush as the winner. Yet to this day, their decision is passionately disputed. One headline read: “Supreme Court to Democracy: Drop dead!”


What about you? Have you ever experienced a close, crucial situation that could have gone either way? Perhaps you were late to an important job interview by a few minutes. Or to your great relief, you miraculously made it right on time. Or perhaps you experienced something even more critical, a life-or-death situation that teetered first one way, then another. If so, I hope the needle finally tilted in the right direction, and you or a loved one was saved.


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Pattimari's Words

Peter's Corner

My search appears to be endless in bringing to you designs so incredible in thinking, considering the age represented in what we consider ancient times.  Modern research of architects, when shown photographs, dimensions, materials used, incredible weights of individual pieces incredibly accurate in design, they merely shake their heads in wonder.  What is difficult for modern builders is to think of some of the largest structures of the ancient world, and try to conceive of them being put together without equipment available to them in their modern world.

One such structure that caught my eye for this issue is the amazing Brihadeeswarar Temple, known as “The Big Temple” located in Thanjavur, India.  It is one of the largest in that country and is an example of Dravidian architecture – temples with pyramid shaped towers constructed of sandstone, soapstone or granite.  This magnificent artifact recently celebrated its 1000th birthday, and is still in full use today, as it was back then, in ancient times.

The Temple is enclosed in fortified walls , the highest point reaching an incredible 198’ into the air, making it one of the tallest high-risers in the world.  Of particular note is the Kumban, the apex or bulbous structure on top, which weighs in at about 80 tons.  That’s 80 tons sitting on top of a structure, itself, a marvel of architectural design.  There are fantastic statues adorning this massive structure, one of the most outstanding being the statue of Nandi, the Sacred Bull, carved out of a single rock, 16’ long and 13’ high.  It is placed at the entrance, perhaps as a guardian, and weighs in at about 20 tons. 

The site was structured on the banks of a river, channeled to make a moat around the outer walls – built like a fortress.  It is made up of about 60,000 tons of granite.  The courtyard measures about 560’ by 320’. 

This megastructure is fully staffed with 1000 people, 400 of which are dancers; others are priests, record-keepers, musicians, scholars, craftsmen and housekeeping staff.  It is interesting to note some of the carved and drawn dancers sporting 6 and 8 arms and hands, all in motion.  I wonder if anyone has given much thought to what prompted craftsmen to place more than the normal 2 arms on the dancers.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if some of these otherwise normal human beings were actually created with these extra appendages, by a DNA design?   



My mother was a Jewel

she was honest




She never said a bad word




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