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Peter's Story~

When Grand Wizard returned to his home office, he seemed troubled so he sat in great contemplation about the wonderful work that had been done by his Wizards, and all the work he knew was out there waiting to be resolved.  Being the Great Leader required a great deal of devotion to all those who relied on his skills, powers and willingness to help.  Whereas each Wizard had only one Master on whom to rely, the Grand Wizard had to deal with all of his helpers; a great task for one Wizard, but a responsibility he gladly accepted.

     While in one of his deepest zones of concentration, a disturbing probe kept entering a port in his subconscious mind.  Although he tried his best to suppress it, the urge was there for him to investigate further.  Setting his algorithm aside, he opened his thought wave only to discover a problem with a sweet young lady who appeared to be in distress.  As he opened his powers on the problem, he found it to be annoying, but not threatening enough for his guidance.  With his great wisdom, Wizard opened thought transference to one of his young trainees he was hoping would be able to deal with this issue troubling the young lady.  A message was dispensed, telepathically that is, to Wizard Trainee Idalf.  Wizard explained what he thought the problem
was and directed Idalf to venture out to investigate.  When Trainee Idalf received the message from the Grand Wizard, he immediately thanked him for trusting the job to him, and assured him that he would leave immediately to the location given for a thorough investigation.  The Grand Wizard, happy for the immediate response from Idalf, returned to his deep thoughts, trusting on the ability of his new Trainee to offer adequate assistance to the young lady.  

         Trainee Idalf was quick to set his sights on the location given from Grand Wizard, and quickly boarded his Bird to deliver him safely to that place.  Hovering, upon his arrival, Idalf tried to search the yard where the young lady was sitting, but was not able to locate the problem, so he set down in her yard.  Upon seeing this strange Bird and Trainee land in her yard, the young lady became frightened.  Idalf quickly raised his magic wand and quieted her fears.  When he introduced himself as a Wizard in training, she couldn’t help but put her hands up to her mouth and give out with a giggle.  Idalf was not offended, because it didn’t matter how one dressed, but what that person had to offer.  The young lady pointed to Idalf’s hat, which had become disoriented and was tilled to one side of his head.  He felt it irregularly setting on his head and placed it where it belonged. 

      “I have received an urgent message telling me that you are in need of help, and so that is why I am here, to offer my assistance to meet your needs.”

        The young lady didn’t quite understand, but accepted the Wizard’s offer.  She was too interested in his unusual hat, his splashy colored clothing, and his strange stick with a star he held in his right hand.  He just stood there and waited, patiently.  

        “Oh, I am sorry Mr. Wizard, I must tell you that I am most happy you have arrived to help me save some lives.”

        “Save some lives?  Are lives in danger at this location?”

        “Oh yes.  Just sit here with me and watch for yourself.”

        Idalf was confused, but he did as was requested, and sat alongside the young lady and watched and waited.  No sooner did the commotion settle down than did the action begin.  It wasn’t exactly the taking of lives that the Wizard anticipated, but what he did see annoyed him, nevertheless.  From a distant part of the yard, Wizard could see this greenish creature gliding across the yard snagging this insect and that with his elongated tongue.  He was eating everything

 in sight and the sad part was that he was enjoying what he was doing.  It wasn’t a matter of him being hungry, but was more a matter of wanting to destroy the little friends of the young lady without any care for her feelings.

     “Is that greenish lizard, I believe, the cause of your concern?”

        “Yes, yes, can’t you see what he is doing to all those friendly creatures I have come to enjoy and love?”

        “I can, indeed, and will talk to him this very instant.”  As Idalf worked his way across the garden, he startled the lizard, who drew back preparing himself for an attack.  Wizard calmed him and told him what was happening that disturbing to the young lady sitting on the porch.  Lizard didn’t care about the young lady, he just had a strong desire to destroy all living creatures within the confines of the

garden, and when he was done with that, he would move on to a new location and repeat his actions.

       “Do you not know that the creatures you are destroying for no other purpose than your vengeance toward them have just as much right to exist as do you?”

 Lizard just coiled up and showed his open mouth, more like a threat to the Wizard.  “Who are you, anyway, and what right do you have to interfere with my life.  You are strange looking, and I don’t believe I need to listen to you any further.”

         “I believe that we will have to see about that,” Idalf replied.  He then worked his way back to the young lady and informed her that he was now ready to take action, and for her not to worry about what she was about to witness.  With that, Trainee Wizard swung into action, wiggling his body, swinging his arms in every direction, speaking words not understandable, and dancing about.  As he was slowing down, he stumbled and fell backward onto his back.  The young lady couldn’t help but giggle because the whole performance looked so unusual and funny.  Wizard quickly returned to a standing position, 
straightened out his clothing and got himself ready for action.  He saw the young lady pointing upward to his hat, which again had tilted to the right, and looked funny on his head.  Idalf quickly adjusted it and attempted to get down to the business at hand.  Of course the lizard was also enjoying the performance of the Wizard, and when he settled down, lizard was laughing at him. 

        “I may be new at this business, but I can assure you that this confusion will soon become a reality, and I will be the one who has the last laugh.”

         As Wizard Trainee Idalf stood and waved his star-tipped wand, a strange event began to take place.  Lizard was no longer enjoying the erratic antics of Wizard, but instead found himself moving in such a way in which he had no control.  What happened was that his long, greenish tail began to curl to his left, and his large head began to turn to his right.  Upon seeing this moving tail coming at him, Lizard opened his mouth and brought it down with great authority securing the tail in his mouth.  As he struggled, he found himself unable to correct the situation, and simply continued to turn around in circles; unable to stop his movement.  He could not release his grip on his own tail and just kept moving.   It was at that time when Wizard again waved his magic wand up into the air, and flicked it twice.  Out of nowhere appeared this larger than usual black cat with solid black eyes who without guidance strode over to the struggling lizard, grasped it in its mouth, and just as quickly as it appeared, disappeared to a destination unknown to the young lady.

     When things settled down to a near-normal air, Wizard sat down beside young lady and thanked her for her concern for the little creatures of the earth, and for making them her friends.  He told her that he was very happy he was assigned to her case, and hoped she was satisfied with his work. He further advised her that she would not have to worry about her yard and garden again because he had cast a special spell to keep all evil creatures away, and that Black Cat would make periodic checks to make sure all was well. Aside from a slight giggle, young lady thanked Wizard for all he had done and wished he could visit with her a little longer.  Wizard informed her of his busy schedule and his need to return to his home.  With those words, Wizard rose, waved his star-tipped wand, waited for his ride to arrive, and quickly grabbed hold of Bird’s neck and off they went.  The 
lunge was too sudden, and Wizard dropped his star-tipped wand back down to earth.  Young lady watched it fall and land on the ground, and just as quickly rise back up into the air on its own power and land in Wizard’s right hand.  As Wizard sped off, young lady let out another giggle because she could see the pointed hat worn by Wizard tipped off to the right side of his head, but he could not release his grip on Bird and left it as it was.






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